Ishii Lab.@Tokai University was founded in April 2003.We are eagerly activating research now. Our research scope is stated below.

Telecommunication network systems like telephony networks has been grown to huge systems aiming at the charcteristics that is to be hard-to-break, fault-tolerant, and as needless-to-recognize but convenient and indispensable as “air”.On the other hand, information technology is increasingly important. Nowadays we can say computers are anywhere.

Huge volume of information is processed which is essentially necessary for our lives. And “information”, by being transferred by the “telecommunication”, is becoming to be able to achieve various and important services which cannot be realized by single computer.

We named the situation “Telecommunication Information networking” that carrying telecommunication and carried information are influenced each other and harmonized .

Telecommunication Informatin Networking world has not yet completed. There are many study items to be solved such as: how IT applications and communication mutually complement; how we can make the most of the broadband accesses to fully enjoy the NET life; whether we can easily IT appliances; how to achieve the real safety of telecommunication; how to keep reliability; etc.

Among those various study items, we, by utilizing computer simulation, wre going to tackle with: closed network configuration, network traffic controal and management, network performance, fault management, and so on in order to realize reliable and high performance telecommunication information networking environment.

Typical example of harmonization of telecommunication and information technologies is theInternet. Especially the web technology can be said one of the most attractive and important technologies.

So, we will study how to harmonize telecommunication and information by realizing web server and the applications on top of it. Based on these strategy,

  1. Ad hoc network related issues such as information discovery, distributed key management, and effective & high quality information transfer,
  2. Network Management,
  3. QoS routing and so on. In addition, we are participating national project in collaboration with other universities.